Azuratec - Our Training Department

La Formation Bureautique Individualisée

Azuratec is the Professional training Arm department of Riviera University in France.

Azuratec has been set up in Cannes in February 2016.  It is a professional training center which trains on site and also offer distance learning courses, via its own online learning platform towards national citizens as well as international students . The training and teaching services are in compliance with the French labor ministry quality requirement, in compliance with the ordinance n°2015-790 from June 30th 2015 and are registered with the financing and competency organisms into Datadock (validation since March 2018).

Registration number as professional trainer is n° 93.0607742.06  registered with the prefect of PACA Region

Its founder and president, Philippe Riquelme, has been working in the professional training industry for the past 30 years, as head of department in Adecco training, the CNAM, the AFPA among others.

Over the years they have trained civil officers , international students as well as conducted high technology trainings around the globe.