Give Your Career A Head-start With Riviera University

At Riviera University, we believe in providing quality education to our students in a manner that suits their learning abilities and schedules with our Flexible Distributed Learning methodology.

Get Enrolled In Programmes Offered By Top Universities In The Europe

Riviera University offers various programmes that are specially designed while keeping in view the fast paced and demanding schedule of our students in partnership with some of the most prestigious Universities from Europe.

Riviera University - Drawing A Map For Your Better Future

At Riviera University, we understand that making a decision to study for a higher education program can be overwhelming, but we ensure that you would not have to go at it by yourself. Our team is always here to support and guide each student through their academic experience with us.
You can take the first steps towards a higher education degree such as an MBA or BA by taking modules one step at a time to:
– Establish your academic confidence
– Build experience working online
– Meet other students in the online community
– Find out how it fits in with your work
– Test out how to juggle family and life with study
After one or two modules you can switch to the complete programme and what we charge will take account of fees already paid.


Most of our RU students are studying while at work and consider RU the best choice to study considering their busy schedule


RU offers flexible online courses that help you earn the highest standard of degree and MBA. Most of our courses are offered module by module thus making it easier and flexible for you to study.


We have built a course that can be taken 100% blended online and on campus. We also have satellite campuses and study centres around the globe for those who opt to study intensively